We would like to acknowledge our supporters that have enabled us to advance our goals and reach our achievements in applying knowledge and IT technologies for the advancement of IT know-how and the Israeli educational system. Eitan is an academic initiative, not for profit, and we could not have made it as far as we did without their generous support for this important undertaking for the benefit of the Israeli educational system and the general public, and for that our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

We would appreciate any organization, company or foundation that would join us and help advance our vision and goals in developing better infrastructures for advancing the state of the Israeli education and accessibility to knowledge on the Internet.


Sun Microsystems, Israel – Mr. Yosi Harel


Dell, Israel – Mr. Philip Olenick


Omnitech Eichut – Mr. Omer Amit   


Adobe and Quicksoft, Israel – Mr. Reuven Agassi


Education sector of Microsoft, Israel


Netvision – Mr. Shy Cucuy

Smile Internet Zahav

Smile Internet Zahav – Mr. Eli Holzman

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